From Bloc Québécois to Bloc Canadien

In 2030, the population shift to Ontario and the West will have redesigned our electoral map with a smaller proportion of ridings in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. Because of the new “electoral math”, a Canadian Prime Minister will be able to get elected without any MPs on the East coast. By then, the strongest candidates from Quebec and the Atlantic provinces may run for a neutral party that will integrate them within the winning one in Ottawa.

Productive leisures

Volunteering will become a necessity and altruism an important leisure. Citizens will use crowd-sourcing, “virtual social money”, and time banks to exchange services from coast-to-coast. Crowd-funding and “time-funding” local social services or spending time helping others in need while having fun (weekends or holidays spent building, fixing, caring or teaching) will help address the challenges of an ageing population and limited public services.

Who’s Your Robot?

Faced with labor scarcity but helped by new electronics and artificial intelligence, in 2030 one out of every four Canadian households will have a robot. Will some robots be branded by Loblaws, Home Depot or your local hospital?