Automation of service sector and professional robots

New technologies have reinvented agriculture and industry, replacing labor with machines, software and new processes. Artificial intelligence, robots and automation will bring a similar revolution to workers of the tertiary sector. Pharmacists, actuaries, accountants, doctors or laboratory technicians may be forced to specialize in more non-routine, analytical/cognitive tasks — or look for a second career.

S&T Canada

Compelled by revolutionary technologies, new scientific advances, and the economic importance of high-tech products and services, Ottawa will decide to centralize all its R&D policies and subsidies, health, pharmaceutical testing and certification, agricultural, water, energy and fisheries research, space programs, telecommunications and other intellectual property development into one agency: Science & Technology Canada.

9-11 of the Digital Age

One morning we will wake up and our “all-connected world” will have been disconnected by cyber terrorists. We will learn to live without electricity, internet, telecommunications, banks, subways, trains, airports, hospitals, personal identity, etc., for a few days or even a few weeks. And we will have to decide how to reply to our virtual enemies.

From NATO to PDO (Pacific Defence Organization)

There will be an estimated 4 million Canadians of Asian descent by 2030. As the risk of naval conflicts increases in Asia, Ottawa will be asked to enhance Canada’s military capacity in the region. After or to avoid a war in China’s sea or India’s neighbourhood, we may have institutionalised our Asian defence footprint in a military treaty, joint exercises or a permanent base.

Older People Everywhere

With some 2.4 million Canadians aged 80 and above in 2030, and the +65-year old representing 23% of the total population (more in Quebec and the Maritimes), there will be more old people at the office (or working from home), in classrooms, in start-ups, in bars, at the gym or in jails. The +65 will represent a leading and growing consumer group, and powerful lobby too.